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FraGolosi was born in 2008 thanks to the passion for cooking a wonderful mother ” Greedy ” .
She is Maria Elisabetta Mione, for all ” Marilisa ” , who has devoted his life to teaching , and that this blog not only describes the preparation of recipes, but also historical and curiosity.
A collection within the reach of all …
The collection originated from the desire to ” food and memory,” by desire, that is, to preserve the memory of ancient flavors.
Recipes are included in the site of ancient memory , suggestions of relatives and friends , proceedings, often revisited and reinterpreted , learned by anyone anywhere.
The ancient flavors , to any region they belong to, do not go, then, forgotten. And this is the homage that our site is intended to make those countless ” cooks ” , nameless, who have made it big in the kitchen of our country.
” The recipes are made ​​available to all in a totally free and anyone has the opportunity to comment on a recipe leaving his message.”
FraGolosi want to give an extra service to all women who love good food.
But not only …
Even single men and young people have the opportunity to learn how to cook thanks to the advice offered on the site .
FraGolosi will always be constantly updated.
New content and new recipes will be , in fact, periodically inserted in the portal, in order to make the service better .
Moms, Dad, young girls and boys … Get ready …
Each meal comes with special recipes FraGolosi !


FraGolosi has a very ambitious mission :
Create the portal of the kitchen and visited the most comprehensive web!
Portal that will contain:
Recipes from all over Italy , grouped by region ;
All the latest news and news about the kitchen, but also curiosity and advice.
In addition, FraGolosi has three objectives still secrets:
to change the …
be a reference point for …
to add value to …
Do not miss … the news that you will soon see on this site … stay tuned …
One day can be said to have contributed to the creation of something really special and I did it in the service of the world of Gourmet !

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